Social networking?

>> Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm young. I'm 22 and in college. Shouldn't I be off playing Farmville or something?

I don't get social networking. To some extent I do get blogging, or I wouldn't be here. I understand the concept of having something to say and wanting it heard, though if I wasn't out here trying to promote my writing I'd probably still stick by the idea that I got my life's worth of whiny neediness out in my high school livejournal.

Maybe it comes down to the plain fact that I'm antisocial. I'm not the intended audience. I don't want to know what the guy who sits next to me in history is doing Friday night. Good for him, but I don't care.

Except then that guy ends up getting a great job as a local newspaper columnist and posts to his Facebook that there are more openings to be had, and I'm not watching because I'm not willing to slog through the morning-after posts and kissy face pictures.

I sound angry, but there's no one to be mad at but myself. After a full day spent writing and promoting content, I made roughly fifty cents. I want to say that it'll pick up as I get more articles out there. If I make one cent a view but only get one view per article every day, then all I have to do is write a couple hundred articles...

Ah, well. My grandma's been asking for a computer. Maybe I'll give her my old laptop and the two of us will learn how to live in this century together.